Regular vacuuming is important to keep rugs in top condition. It helps to remove any surface dirt before it can be ground into the fibers and prevents discoloration and staining with time.

Vacuuming Tips

  • Canister vacuums without beater bars are recommended for cleaning rugs
  • Brooms and other manual sweeping methods are also suitable for cleaning rugs
  • Hand-held rug-cleaning attachments should be used where possible
  • Beater bars are not recommended because they can damage rugs
  • If beater bars must be used then they should be set to the highest setting and care taken not to damage the fibers
  • Powerful vacuums are not recommended because they can pull fibers from the base of a rug
  • Reversible rugs should be vacuumed on both sides to prevent build-up of dirt on one side
  • Avoid running vacuums over edges and fringes repeatedly as this can damage them