Colour Variation

Jaipur uses the industry-standard Pantone TPX Color Tool for consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Working with hand processes, however, means that there can sometimes be variations in the way a rug’s colour is perceived.

Hand-Made vs Machine-Made

Hand-made rugs are one-off pieces of functional art, and because each one is unique, there can be subtle variations in colour due to the natural fibres and dyes being used. Machine-made rugs are usually more consistent and accurate in their colour.

Lighting Conditions

Some fibres are naturally more reflective than others, so rugs can appear lighter or darker in a photograph than they do in real life. Similarly, the lighting of the space where the rug will be used can affect the appearance of its colour. This is particularly true of fibres like viscose, where the natural sheen is more evident under brighter lighting conditions.

On-Screen and Printed Images

Colours can vary from screen to printed page to dyed fibre. So while Jaipur’s website and catalogue are great for getting a feel for a rug’s appearance, we recommend that actual rug samples be used to make a final decision.

Dyeing and Colour

Rug dyeing is a traditional art that allows artisans to create decorative effects. To obtain different colours, artisans use either natural dyes (derived from plants and naturally occurring mineral compounds) or synthetic dyes (the product of chemical processes). For both types, the process of dyeing is the same. First, the dye is added to boiling vats of water, followed by the yarn. The yarn is left in the boiling water until the desired colour is reached, after which it is removed from the vat and left to dry in the sun. Once it is completely dry, it is stored until it is needed by weavers.

Abrash/Antique is color variations sometimes seen in hand-made rugs and is caused by factors such as subtle differences in dye lots, wool ageing and raw material preparation. These are not seen as defects, but part of the character of the hand-made process and contributing factors to the individuality of each rug.