Health & Eye Camps

Jaipur’s mission is to empower its artisans in a way that allows them a stress free and dignified life. One such initiative taken in that direction is the organisation of health camps in partnership with local healthcare providers and healthcare innovators. The health initiatives are taken keeping in mind the difficulty in providing these rural areas with reliable and affordable diagnostic healthcare services.

After a 10 day period inviting artisans, their families and people from neighbouring villages’ diagnostic healthcare is provided at large camps. These facilities ensure identification and treatment of general ailments. Those with severe health issues are provided with diagnoses and are referred to specialized hospitals for proper care. This intervention is not a one-time activity. It is designed in such a way that the camps are organised at regular intervals so as to provide a continuous support to the village community.

Specialised eye camps are organised also organized that cover the gambit from prescribing glasses to cataract eye screening.


Another activity of great importance that JRF undertakes is to connect artisans to Government schemes. These schemes give weavers a freedom from the fear of falling ill and allow them to freely avail medical facilities in the closest town.