The Basics

When looking for the right rug, the following questions will help to direct the decision-making process.

Where will I use it?

Room traffic – heavy traffic areas need more durable rugs
Indoor or outdoor – some rugs are specially made to endure the elements

Why do I need it?

To create a focal point – brighter colours and busier designs draw the eye
To protect the floor – harder wearing fibres offer greater protection
To insulate a room and muffle sound – certain fibres offer better insulation than others
To add comfort underfoot – softer fibres are more comfortable to coarser ones

What is my budget?

Entry-level to luxury – some rugs (e.g. hand-knotted) are more expensive than others (e.g. flat weave)

What is my current décor like?

Current style – does the décor of the room require a specific kind of rug?
Color palette – what colours already exist in the intended space?