Weaver Engagement

Artisan Engagement Programme

A key differentiator at Jaipur Rugs is a keen focus in bringing dignity back to rug artisans. A gap was recognized- artisan communities were disconnected from the business of their art and have felt no pride in their work. They worked as labour without knowing the art that they were part of.

The Artisan engagement programme invites Jaipur’s grassroots workforce to the head office in the city of Jaipur to experience the art they create. Women who worked for 30 years had often not seen a finished rug, nor stepped out of their village in their lifetime.

This programme was created to nurture the creative capacity of our artisans and thereby empower them to fulfill their aspirations. In 2014, Jaipur Rugs Foundation trained 800 women weavers and brought a transformation not only in their lives but also in the lives of people around them. The weaver’s engagement programme is particularly significant for being amongst the first that introduces rural artisans to the entire process of rug weaving and giving them a rare perspective of the contribution they make.

During these visits, the office in Jaipur is filled with the bright colours of the artisans who weave these rugs.