Common Characteristics

With proper care, a new rug can look its best for years to come. This doesn't just apply to how rugs are cleaned, but also how they are stored and what other products are used with them to extend their lifespan.


Sometimes very slight color variations occur across dye lots so the color of handmade rugs may be marginally different from samples.


When a new rug is delivered it may show some creases from being folded for shipping. These will disappear after the rug has been laid flat for some time. Rolling the rug with the pile facing outwards and leaving it like that overnight will speed the process up.


As rugs are shipped in a sealed bag, odors from dyes and fibers can accumulate over time. This odor will naturally dissipate over time when the rug is removed from its bag.

Wear and Fading

Rugs are subject to wear and tear over time, and can become faded if exposed to direct sunlight. They should be rotated every six months to minimize this.

Shedding and Sprouts

New rugs often shed loose fibers as a natural part of the wearing in process. This will stop with time, particularly after they have been vacuumed a few times. Some rugs are more prone to shedding than others. Some loose, long fibers, known as "sprouts" may appear above the surface of the rug and can be trimmed with scissors to even the pile.